At Rezilir Health™, we believe in meeting you where you are on your journey to optimal well-being.

What to expect

We expect that our patients will want to invest in their health and will do the work necessary to achieve excellent results. This includes the work to fill out the questionnaires before the initial visit and most importantly some of the changes in behaviors necessary to create a healthy lifestyle.

You can expect careful listening from the physician as they create a customized game plan for you.


We also have a model in which all of our patients see an integrative nurse coach. We believe that the nurse coach is an essential part of our change model as they are particularly trained on how to make effective behavior changes.

Our commitment to you

All of the clinicians at Rezilir Health™ embrace an integrative and functional medicine approach combined with an emphasis on a nutrient-dense, whole foods diet and focus on lifestyle factors such as movement, sleep, and stress management.

We are committed to:

  • Being there for you, when you need us most.
  • The highest in customer service standards
  • Creating a healing environment where you can feel an atmosphere of caring and hope
  • Upholding the highest professional and ethical standards.
  • Finding the right customized solutions for you drawing from conventional and integrative medicine.
  • Telling you when the “latest and greatest” technologies are NOT right for you


After we complete the initial assessment, Rezilir Health™ offers a membership model for patients. We believe that a membership model is an optimal way for people to stay healthy. It allows for both sides to invest together upfront in a patient’s health. We are able to price the membership fees at a cheaper rate than standalone fees because of this investment. The healthier you are, the cheaper the membership.

A membership allows you to:

  • Have predictable monthly payments regardless of how much you use the clinical team
  • Have access to your clinical team’s cell phones
  • Have the team help you the best way you need it – through in-person visits, phone, secure email, texting or secure video-conferencing
  • Stay informed of the latest in cutting-edge therapies through our monthly newsletter
  • Get connected to others who share the same interests as you if desired